All of our services are free, caring and confidential.  

Free Lab-Grade Pregnancy Test


Think you might be pregnant?  Missed a period? Took a home test? Schedule an appointment to confirm your pregnancy with our highly-accurate, free, lab-grade urine-sample pregnancy test.  You will also receive a written Verification of Pregnancy.

Free Limited OB Ultrasound


If you are considering abortion, verifying the viability, location and gestational age of your pregnancy is an important first step.  Request an appointment for a free, limited ultrasound at our clinic. *Please note: We don't provide diagnostic ultrasounds or reveal gender. 

Pre-Abortion Consultation


Planning to terminate your pregnancy?  We know this is a difficult decision. It is natural to have questions and concerns.  Schedule a consultation to confirm the viability and gestational age of your pregnancy and discuss procedures and risks in a confidential setting.  

Options Consultation


Finding out you are facing an unplanned pregnancy can be shocking and overwhelming.  We're here for you. Process your feelings, assess your pregnancy options, and create your plan in a caring, non-judgmental and confidential setting with one of our trained advocates.  

Resources & Referrals


If you plan to carry your pregnancy but are facing less-than-ideal circumstances, we're here to help. We offer a variety of resources and referrals for low-cost prenatal care, financial and material aid, weekly nurse visits, education completion programs, and much more.   

Post-Abortion Services


If you have had an abortion recently or in the past and are suffering emotionally, you're not alone.  Other women have also experienced emotional and mental distress after an abortion and found healing.  We can connect you with a caring advocate to help you process and heal.